Ruby Makes a Friend

When Ruby's big brother left for his first day at school, a new friend appeared. His name was Milo ...


Sophie's Big Bed 

Sophie loves her cot - but now she has a new bed. A big bed.

A very big bed.


Sophie Bakes a Cake

Sophie is baking a cake. And her doll Scarlett is full of helpful hints.

But how will the cake taste?

Will anyone be able to eat it?


Are You Hungry? 

Are you hungry? said the little girl.

Unfortunately, the farmyard animals are not only hungry, they are famished and they want more than just a carrot . . . 

but if the animals eat all the goodies, will there be anything left for the little girl and her dog? 


Fly, Little Bird

"Fly, little bird," said the little girl. But little bird is too small to fly, and all alone.

The little girl takes little bird under her wing and gives him a home until he is ready to face the world.
And that's when the fun and friendship really begins . . .

A story told through pictures, so the very young can "read" it, too.


It's Christmas 

Is it that time of the year again?

There's so much to do before that special guest in the red hat arrives ... making decorations, trimming the tree, creating the perfect gift ... and finally, on Christmas Eve, putting out a snack for Santa, and hanging up the stockings. 

Then all that is left to do
is wait ... 
and wait ... 

TinaBurke_RosieBooks2 copy

Rosie to the Rescue

Rosie and the Bunyip

Rosie and Ned and the Creepy Cave

Three exciting stories about Rosie and her best friend, Ned.

Written by award winning author Meredith Costain, illustrated by Tina Burke 



Naming Baby

Cover illustration
Penguin Books 2007